Militarism Monitor

Militarism in the 21st century has evolved into a complex and powerful system that employs new strategies and modalities that nonetheless serve the interests of Western powers and multi-national corporations. Driven by the thirst for super-profit and to recover from the continuing economic decline, the US and its allies in the past decade have carried out intensive military operations in various forms – from proxy wars, counterinsurgency plans to outright military occupation. These renewed military offensives took a drastic turn after the events of 9/11 that plunged the world into a state of perpetual war as the US launched a global interventionist campaign to advance its geopolitical and economic interests in regions of the world.  Part of this interventionist campaign is the Pivot to Asia Pacific, which will employ economic, diplomatic, and military offensive to regain its hegemony in the region and counter the threat from China.

This militarism monitor aims to track the developments and military offensives across the Asia Pacific with crowd-sourced information on human rights violations, environmental destruction, etc. that are usually associated with military activities.