Layout Artist for Scoping Paper on CSO Development Effectiveness Country Impacts

Overview of the project

Asia Pacific Research Network is a network of research NGOs in the region that aims to develop the capacity of CSOs on research and advocacy.

The programme being implemented under the European Commission Grounding Effective Development Cooperation and Development Partnerships in Peoples’ Realities and Realization of Their Rights aims to promote development effectiveness in development cooperation policy and development partnerships grounded in peoples’ realities and realisation of human rights.

Specifically, this aims at (1) strengthening core effective development cooperation (EDC) advocacy grounded in realities and issues of constituencies and countries in preparation for 2019 SLM/HLM; (2) advocating for effectiveness of development cooperation actors based on human rights based approach (HRBA); (3) sustaining momentum of platform work on CSO development effectiveness and enabling environment; and (4) supporting the restructure of Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPDEC) towards more meaningful multi-stakeholder partnership. This programme is the fourth amendment to the “Civil Society Continuing Campaign for Effective Development”.

An initial outcome of the abovementioned programme is the production of country compacts on CSO development effectiveness. CSOs from Senegal, Cambodia, and West Papua have come up with their respective country compacts. To consolidate the lessons learned towards fulfilling the programme objectives, a scoping paper on the existing country compacts is necessary.

General Objective

The objective of the assignment is to ensure that edited output is rendered clearly and innovatively with the graphic guidelines of CPDE taken into consideration.

Scope of Work

  • The layout artist shall design and layout the edited output submitted by the writer and editor of the CSO Development Effectiveness Scoping Paper on Country Compacts.
  • The layout artist shall propose the visual rendering of the edited output in close coordination with the editorial assistant.
  • The layout artist shall recommend photos appropriate for the scoping paper. He/she shall be responsible for acknowledging the source of the photos. He/she is also expected to do custom editing such as restoration, noise reduction, and tonal adjustment.
  • The Organization shall be under no obligation to acquire prior permission from the consultant for the reproduction, adaptation, re-use, and re-purposing of all work submitted as part of this agreement. The consultant relinquishes any intellectual property claims from the submissions but shall be credited accordingly in the Organization’s publications or wherever applicable.

Please send your letter of application, resume, and sample works to [email protected]

Deadline of submission: November 15, 2019