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Resist the US War of Aggression in Iran – APRN

January 14, 2020

Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) strongly condemns the assassination of Iranian general Qassem Suleimani. General Suleimani was assassinated via US drone strike. The killing of Suleimani fueled another imperialist aggression of US in Western Asia. Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi revealed on Sunday that Suleimani was on a peace mission to de-escalate the tension involving […]

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APRN Newsletter 2019 – 4th Quarter

January 8, 2020

Inside stories: Resist Militarism and State Fascism. People’s rights now! Photo Essay: #StopTheAttacks APRN research conference on military conflicts in the Asia Pacific region People’s forum statement on the 14th East Asia Summit

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Free Ashraf Aram! Free all political prisoners in Palestine! – APRN

November 21, 2019

Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) strongly condemns the arbitrary arrest of Ashraf Abu Aram by the Israeli authorities on November 7th at Al Karama border crossing. Mr. Aram, 32, a human rights defender and advocacy officer of Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO), was brutally arrested and detained upon his return from the APRN training of trainers […]

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APRN Newsletter 2019 – 2nd and 3rd Quarter

October 30, 2019

Inside stories: False sense of development? International networks scrutinize China’s belt and road initiative Beyond Istanbul: Redefining and owning the concept of development effectiveness for CSOs Encapsulating the People Over Profit network’s advocacy and strategy meeting

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