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Friday, 20 March 2009 18:02

The Asia Pacific climate change conference is now formally named "Building the People's Movement on Climate Change: Towards COP 15 and Beyond". Said conference will take place on March 23-24 at Suan Dusit Place, Bangkok, Thailand, as planned.


The event, organized by the People's Movement on Climate Change, led by APRN, IBON and PCFS and locally hosted by Thai SDF, is a public gathering that hopes to gather around 80-100 CSOs in the Asia Pacific region, with the objectives of providing a deeper understanding on the different aspects of the climate change issue from a grassroots perspective and consolidating the People's Movement on Climate Change (PMCC) towards the COP15 activities.

The PMCC is a global campaign whose main agenda is the People's Protocol on Climate Change (PPCC) and other social justice issues. The PPCC is a framework agreement independently agreed upon by people's movements and their supporters both outside and inside governments to address in a comprehensive way the need for comprehensive and effective measures to mitigate climate change independently and through government action, as well as measures for effective adaptation and defense of people's rights and interests in the face of challenges brought about by climate change especially in developing countries. The core development values and principles of the PPCC are social justice and human rights, people's sovereignty, respect for the environment and responsibility.

Please view the draft program by following this link.

For more details, download this document.

To register online, please follow this link and scroll to the bottom.

For logistical information, please download this document. To view additional map, please follow this link.

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